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The Devil of Blue Mountain takes the audience on a harrowing journey, following a disturbing abductor as he drags two attractive young women through a twisted wilderness. Ultimately, the abductor's salacious purpose is dark and nefarious. From its opening scenes, literally shot in the downpour of Hurricane Ivan, to its shocking conclusion in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, The Devil of Blue Mountain will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It's produced and directed by Hollywood.com's Top Underground Filmmaker of 1998, Joshua P. Warren. His comedy Inbred Rednecks, shot at the age of 20 for $20,000, gleaned a massive b-movie cult following, and his one-man documentary, Alone in a Haunted House, is the all-time best-selling documentary for its distributor, SRS Cinema, in New York.

This movie is the culmination of a challenge: Can an engaging feature film, that b-movie fans will enjoy, be shot with no script (only a storyline; the actors improvised dialogue) for $1,000 in two days?

The Devil of Blue Mountain is Warren's answer to that challenge, continuing to push the envelope in what no-budget movies can achieve.

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