Professional paranormal experts are here for you.

Do you have a question regarding ghosts, UFOs, psychic activity, strange creatures, or other topics misunderstood by mainstream science? Do you want to report a strange occurrence?

We will take you seriously.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, home of the world's oldest mountains, we are experienced researchers who understand these strange things occur. We approach them from a field researcher's perspective. Our founder, Joshua P. Warren, is the author of numerous books on the mysterious, including How to Hunt Ghosts and Pet Ghosts. He has appeared on Discovery, TLC, the History Channel, Travel Channel, and Coast to Coast AM. He and his team made the cover of a science journal, Electric Space Craft, in 2004 for their work on mysterious plasmas in nature. He has also served as a technical consultant for the TV show Ghost Whisperer, produced by medium James Van Praagh. You may learn more about Warren at:

After almost twenty years of research, we understand how confusing and complex paranormal phenomena can be. We've finally made our experience available to you, by phone, as paranormal consultants.

What we can do for you:

1. Do our best to answer your questions regarding anomalous activity, such as issues related to:

*spiritual / ghostly activity

*UFOs / abductions


*angelic experiences

*how to properly investigate the paranormal yourself

2. Refer you to appropriate experts in the field, if possible

3. Offer advice on publicizing your experience, hoping to make contact with others who share your experience

4. Send a team of investigators to professionally research your activity, if you qualify

You will receive honest, sound advice from either Joshua P. Warren or a consultant personally authorized by him. Mr. Warren personally oversees every single case. We are NOT psychics, but we can refer you to reputable psychics, based on our past experiences.

Can we help you? To learn how to speak with a consultant, click HERE.

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