written by JOSHUA P. WARREN & illustrated by TIMOTHY PEDERSEN

"Beyond all the fish
And mosquitos and all
Was a world so incredibly,

Yes, a world so incredibly,
That your eyes couldn't see it,
Not see it at all."

This is the story of Emo, a lonely ameba--a creature too tiny to be seen, yet whose soul longs for companionship. It is the epic tale of one ameba's quest to find a friend. Emo embarks on an unforgettable journey that takes him all the way from a murky little pond to the microscope of a biology classroom. Along the way he meets an array of dazzling characters such as Gene, a Euglena, and Larry the Hairy Paramecium. In the end, Emo learns a very special lesson about friendship and, most importantly, believing in yourself.

Young people will learn about biology in a fun a relative way, as they follow along on Emo's journey. The rhyming verse and captivating illustrations make for a classic tale that readers will cherish for years to come.

Joshua P. Warren (author of the bestselling HAUNTED ASHEVILLE) and nationally acclaimed illustrator Timothy Pedersen have presented their masterpiece to educators and students across the Southeastern United States. The book and its characters are swiftly becoming a phenomenon among the education community. See for yourself why the creative style of THE LONELY AMEBA makes learning so fun, children don't even realize they're learning!

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hardback, 10 1/2" x 7 1/2", 48 pgs., full color illustrations
ISBN 1-57072-066-5

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THE OVERMOUNTAIN PRESS, Johnson City, Tennessee 1-800-992-2691

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