From the award-winning author of
HAUNTED ASHEVILLE comes a novel of mystery and the occult . . .

Asheville has a secret. It stays locked away in a room, deep within a demonic castle, looming darkly above the city below. Few know what it is, and those who do are afraid to say. They call it simply, "The Horror." It has brought malign wealth and unchallenged power to those who control it--unchallenged that is, until he came along.

He was a stranger, as steely and mysterious as the castle, itself. No one knows his name, nor the place he calls home, but he will do whatever he must to face the sinister forces lurking within the gothic fortress walls. Through land, air, and water he will struggle to reach his goal, unraveling the city's bitter enigmas along the way. Shrouded by mystique, sorcery, and the towering Blue Ridge Mountains, he has a fateful rendevous with unspeakable wickedness. His life at stake, an entire region against him, he'll go to any lengths to find and destroy the evil in Asheville.

"You know, not everyone who goes in that room is torn to bits. They say some people are pulled out the next day in one piece, their organs in good working order. You'd think they'd died peacefully if it wasn't for one thing: their faces. Their pale, dead faces are twisted in a mangled frown of sheer terror: Their purple lips drawn back, exposing clenched teeth, and their eyes--well their eyes say it all. They bulge and shine with pure horror. That's where it gets its name--The Horror. It seems the last thing they saw was something inhuman. Something so unspeakably shocking that the hellish spark of fear burns in their lifeless eyes long after death. It's so chilling, you can look into the cadaver's pupils and experience a fraction of how awful it must have been. Those people--they say those people die of fright."

The Writer's Club Press
ISBN 0-595-12226-4 $16.95 U.S. Retail 344 pages


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