Joshua P. Warren's



Joshua Warren's Gallery of Mystery & Suspense (1991)
Speaking of Strange . . . (1994)
Plausible Ghosts (1995)
Young Artists of Florida (Foreword only, 1995)
Haunted Asheville (1996)
Inbred Rednecks (screenplay, 1997)
The Lonely Ameba (1998)
North Carolina UFOs (Foreword only, 1998)
The Evil in Asheville (2000)
Publish Your Work and Profit! (2003)
How to Hunt Ghosts: A Practical Guide (2003)

technical: behind the scenes
talent: in front of the camera

My Fellow Americans (feature, talent, 1996)
Paradise Falls (feature, talent, 1996)
Inbred Rednecks (feature, talent and technical, 1998)
Patch Adams (feature, talent, 1998)
SongCatcher (feature, technical, 1999)
78 (feature, talent, 2000)
Mysterious Journeys (TV, talent, 2002)
Mystery Hunters (TV, talent, 2002)
Brown Mountain Lights (TV, talent, 2003)
Alone in a Haunted House (VHS, talent and technical, 2003)
Into the Next Dimension (VHS, talent, 2003)
Sinkhole (feature, talent, 2003)