You can now access two INBRED REDNECKS text interviews with Joshua P. Warren! For the B-Movie Theater interview, click HERE. For the Screaming Stoner interview, click HERE.

INBRED REDNECKS has won the Stoner Classic of the Year Award for 1999--its FOURTH international honor! It received FIVE PUFFS (the highest honor, defined as "masterpiece") in the Screaming Stoner Video review. For the complete review, click HERE!

The Amazing World of Cult Movies (AWCM) has ruthlessly reviewed over 1,300 independent films. They recently reviewed INBRED REDNECKS, calling it "One of the year's best cult indies," and a "must-have." For the complete review, click HERE!

Video Crypt called INBRED REDNECKS "a damn good movie." For that complete review, click HERE!

STEVE LEWIS played Monty in INBRED REDNECKS. Since then he's moved to Denver, Colorado to become an internationally-syndicated radio personality! Wanna see his profile at the station? Click HERE. Wanna see his lovely mug? Click HERE.

What's Hollywood film critic Jim Bartoo's favorite Inbred Rednecks quote? Click HERE!

John Anderson played the "lovable" Mad Dog in INBRED REDNECKS. To see the new website for his band click HERE!

For a 1998 Mountain Xpress article on Inbred Rednecks, click HERE.

INBRED REDNECKS is the #1 underground film of 1998! In a year long, international competition by Hollywood Online, INBRED REDNECKS took home the gold! The judge said the film "simply had all the right stuff in all the right places." Be sure to tell all your friends!

INBRED REDNECKS was filmed on the scenic Graystone Estate. Visit their new site by clicking HERE.

You can now order Randy Smith's original songs from the movie! For info. click HERE.

INBRED REDNECKS won an international 1998 Aegis Award! The Aegis Awards are given to multimedia projects from commercials to feature films. The lucite crystal trophy has been given to such prestigious companies as IBM, Trimark, and Boeing. A score of 80 garners an award. INBRED REDNECKS scored an 89!

In April of 1998, the film was submitted to the sixth annual 1998 Smoky Mountain/Nantahala Media Arts Festival (April 18-19). Nearly 30 films from around the world were submitted. Out of the submissions, there were only five winners (one First Place and four Honorable Mentions). INBRED REDNECKS took home an HONORABLE MENTION! For more info. click HERE!

For a review by The Jacksonville Film Journal, click HERE.