UPDATED December 12, 2002

You can now buy the Inbred Rednecks DVD through Best Buy stores!

Order the Official Inbred Rednecks Movie Poster by clicking HERE

BIG NEWS!The INBRED REDNECKS DVD has been released! Aside from the film it includes cut footage and bloopers, interviews with cast and crew, and Joshua P. Warrens personal guide to indie filmmaking. Check it out by visiting the distributors site HERE.

SAD NEWS: INBRED REDNECKS will not released in Austrailia soon after all.
The planned distributor, Iioadek Entertainment, is going out of buisness. However, that means our Austrailian rights are now open!

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Critic Allen Richards, of the B-Film Digest, gave INBRED REDNECKS 5 out of 5 stars! For his complete review, click HERE.

Askew Reviews called INBRED REDNECKS the funniest movie of the year! For a complete review, click HERE.

INBRED REDNECKS has won a FIFTH AWARD! The AWCM (Amazing World of Cult Movies) has named it the Best DTV Feature of the Year!
To visit their site, click HERE.

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