Though many talented musicians contributed to INBRED REDNECKS, Randy Smith composed songs specifically for the movie. Order your copy now!

Gomer and Goober's evil twins go on a moonshine bender and contribute to the delinquency of Opie in "Redneck Rock and Roll", one of 10 songs on Randy Smiths cassette album, INBRED REDNECKS. The title song, from the film comedy of the same name, explains why mountain people seem like one big happy family.
"Cockfighters Anthem" argues that the size of your cock DOES matter. "I'm Gonna Hunt You Down" combines the levity of LE MISERABLES with the eloquence of Dirty Harry. Other titles: "Hitler Was A Good Ol' Boy" (with apologies to B'nai B'rith and gun-toting neo-Nazis); "Waltz Across North Carolina"; "Ain't It Blissful Bein' Ignorant"; "One Mans Trash"; "Wish It Could Be Me" (a Jimmy Buffet song few people recognize, Including Jimmy Buffet); and "Rappin' Turkey" (dialogue between Bubba and Gangsta).

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