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Clovis (Joshua P. Warren),
Joe Bob (Jesse Hooper),
Billy Bob (Brent Ponder),
and Bubba (Shannon "Redman" Franklin).
Ashley Jenkins
poses as a sultry
southern belle.
"My cock's bigger
than yours!"
Billy Bob (Brent Ponder) and Monty (Steve Lewis).
Good Hillbilly
Evil Redneck
Joe Bob (Jesse Hooper)
prepares to scalp the
notorious thug, Buster.
Hambone (Lloyd Federico), Monty (Steve Lewis), and Buster (Billy Seals).
Monty (Steve Lewis)
roars with rage as his champion rooster is defeated.
Pa (Wayne Liles) fires insanely at the noisy frogs in the countryside.
The bad guys, Buster (Billy Seals), Monty (Steve Lewis), and Hambone (Lloyd Federico) prepare to beat ass!
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