Some Film & Video Work
technical= behind the scenes
talent= in front of the camera

My Fellow Americans (feature, talent, 1996)

Paradise Falls (feature, talent, 1996)

Inbred Rednecks (feature, talent and technical, 1998)

Patch Adams (feature, talent, 1998)

SongCatcher (feature, technical, 1999)

78 (feature, talent, 2000)

Mysterious Journeys (TV: Travel Channel, talent, 2002)

Mystery Hunters (TV: Discovery, talent, 2002)

Brown Mountain Lights (TV, talent, 2003)

Alone in a Haunted House (VHS/DVD, talent and technical, 2003)

Into the Next Dimension (VHS, talent, 2003)

Sinkhole (feature, talent, 2003)

Weird Travels (TV: Travel Channel, talent, 2004)

Guts and Bolts (TV: History Channel, talent, 2004)

The Devil of Blue Mountain (feature, technical, 2005)

Possessed Possessions (TV: TLC, talent, 2005)

X-Ops (TV: Discovery Channel, talent, 2006, un-aired)

Into the Unexplained with George Noory (TV: Sci-Fi Channel, talent, 2007)

Another Dimension (TV: URTV, talent, 2007)

Talking Tall (feature, co-producer/co-director & talent, 2007)

Stay, Eat, Play: Louisiana (TV: Fine Living Network, talent, May of 2008)

Inside the Church of Satan (feature, writer/producer/director & talent, 2008)

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