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Lost Regiment
 1. Rally Cry (1992)
 2. The Union Forever (1991)
 3. Terrible Swift Sword (1992)
 4. Fateful Lightning (1993)
 5. Battle Hymn (1997)
 6. Never Sound Retreat (1998)
 7. A Band of Brothers (1999)
 8. Men of War (1999)
 9. Down to the Sea: A Novel of Lost Regiment (2000)

Crystal Warrior (with Greg Morrison)
 1. The Crystal Warriors (1988)
 2. The Crystal Sorcerers (1991)

 Gamester Wars
 1. The Alexandrian Ring (1987)
 2. Assassin Gambit (1988)
 3. The Napoleon Wager (1993)

 Ice Prophet
 1. Ice Prophet (1983)
 2. The Flame Upon the Ice (1984)
 3. A Darkness upon the Ice (1985)
 Legends of the Riftwar
 Honoured Enemy (2001) (with Raymond E Feist)

Shattered Light
 Catseye (with Jaki Demarest)

 Star Voyager
 1. Star Voyager Academy (1994)
 2. Article 23 (1998)
 3. Prometheus (1999)


 Into the Sea of Stars (1986)
 The Gamester Wars (1995)
 The Four Magics (1996) (with Larry Segriff)
 We Look Like Men of War (2001)
 Gettysburg: A Novel of the Civil War (2003) (w/Newt Gingrich)
 Grant Comes East (2004) (with  Newt Gingrich)

Series Contributions

Magic The Gathering
 Arena Vol. 1 (1994)

 Star Trek : The Next Generation
 The Forgotten War (1999)
 Wing Commander
 End Run (1993) (with Christopher Stasheff)
 Fleet Action (1994)
 Heart of the Tiger (1995) (with Andrew Keith)
 The Price of Freedom (1996) (with Ben Ohlander)
 Action Stations (1998)
 False Colors (1999) (with William H Keith)

Non fiction

 It Seemed like a Good Idea: A Compendium of Great Historical Fiascoes (1988)
 Hot Shots: An Oral History of Air Force Combat Pilots of the Korean War (2000)
 Hot Shots: America's First Jet Aces (2002) (with Jennie E Chancey)
 Honor Untarnished: A West Point Graduate's Memoir of World War II (2003) (with Donald Bennett)