Beautiful chicks! Bar fights! Car chases! And genuine rooster fightin'!
What more could you ask for?

This zany comedy is the winner of FIVE international awards, including
Hollywood Online's Top Underground Film of 1998 and the
1999 Stoner Classic of the Year Award!

"One must applaud something as funny, revolting, politically incorrect and
outright disgusting as director Joshua P. Warren's new southern epic
Inbred Rednecks."
~Jim Bartoo, Hollywood Online

"Get this video NOW!"~Screaming Stoner Video

"This is a damn good movie."~Chip Lamey, Video Crypt

"At times it had me in tears."~Allen Richards, B-Film Digest

"Drive-In Academy Award nominations . . . Joe Bob says check it out."
~Joe Bob Briggs, "Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In"

INBRED REDNECKS is the rip-roarin', butt-whoopin', downhome comedy
by director Joshua P. Warren. The adventure centers around four country
boys, Billy Bob, Joe Bob, Clovis, and Bubba (not to mention an array of
unique backwoods characters like Mad Dog, Long John, and Sweetmeat
the Midget).

When Billy Bob (Brent Ponder) breeds a giant rooster (cleverly named
"Bigass Rooster") he feels confident he'll beat Monty (Steve Lewis), the local
chicken fighting champion, in the upcoming bouts. However, after Monty's
defeat, the enraged redneck and his bumbling thugs break into Billy Bob's
farmhouse and steal the rooster, setting into motion a hilarious journey that
explores the intellectual depths of redneck wit and philosophy.

Written, produced, and directed by Joshua P. Warren, the film was shot in
Western North Carolina using a cast and crew largely composed of local talent. Sponsored by Highland Brewery, Carolina Sub & Deli, Circle-C Western Wear, and the Red-Dot Food Store (and utilizing the skills of talented 99.9 Kiss Radio personalities) the film was primarily generated by the people of the region. Even a great deal of music for the movie was composed and performed by bands and musicians from Western North Carolina. The first feature in a plethora of films planned by Warren's production company, Shadowbox Enterprises, INBRED REDNECKS is a film that locals and Hollywood-folk alike will never forget!
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