Help Us Solve the Mystery!

Are you a curious soul like us? Would you like to know what causes the spectacular Brown Mountain Lights?

We put lots of time, money and energy into our work. However, resources are always limited--especially with today's economy. Today's technology is making it possible to learn more than ever before about the world. But that technology comes at a price.

How would you like to go down in history as someone who helped to fund our research expeditions? If you can afford to help science push forward, we'd be honored to call you a benefactor. In fact, if you'd like, we'll post your name on our site.

We're also looking for someone with a helicopter who'll donate their time and resources to help us.

If you'd like to donate to our cause, please send checks made payable to "Shadowbox Enterprises" to:

Shadowbox Enterprises
P.O. Box 16801
Asheville, NC 28816

or call 828-253-7736

Together we can solve this mystery!