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by Joshua P. Warren


An alien? A chupacabra? A new animal? A mutant? A Hoax?

Updated May 12, 2009

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UPDATE: The photo, and a complete report, was posted in early May. Permission was granted by Jamie Maussan. However, since then, I have been contacted by a party, claiming copyright ownership, that asked for the image to be removed. Shortly afterward, Maussan contacted me and asked me to remove both the report and the image since the scientists involved did not want the attention to influence the perception of their results.

These new developments do not help support the case for a find. I hope those involved will reconsider. However, my primary goal is to see the results of scientific analysis. If my posting threatened that analysis, then I have now done my part to temporarily remove it. As I await the revelation of more data, I can tell you this for now:

The new data will be here soon. And if it does not become available soon, then we will have to draw ultimate conclusions from the LACK of data. I will contact you the instant I get a development. I can send you emails, personally written by me, if you put your email address in this bank to receive my free (and spam-free) e-newsletter. It only takes a few seconds:

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Are you BROKE? Check out Warren's New Experiment:


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