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L. E. M. U. R.


We are sometimes hired by businesses (especially hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts) and individuals to do paranormal research. We specialize in ghost detection. Owners of haunted properties frequently want us to scientifically confirm their spiritual activity. However, we also investigate UFO-related matters, sasquatch sightings, psychic ability, and most all subjects currently considered unknown or occult. Since we use objective techniques of documentation, you can rely on our results. By that token, if we find nothing at a supposedly haunted location, we must report that, as well. We only offer honest results.

Our services, whether long term or short, can be customized to any client's needs. Our basic package entails our crew (7-10 people) spending an entire night researching a location. The following would be employed:

1) Electromagnetic Field Metering
2) Electrostatic Field Detection
3) Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography
4) Ultra and Sub Sonic Audio Recording
5) Night Vision Surveillance
6) Digital Imaging
7) Tesla & Electrostatic Atmosphere Enhancement
8) Video Documentation
9) Beta/Gamma Radiation Detection
10) A barrage of other innovative techniques

To learn more about these research techniques, visit L.E.M.U.R.'s

After the field work, we will compile a complete report with all detailed information regarding our findings. This report is yours, to use (including publishing) as you please.

If you're interested in having us research your ghosts or other paranormal activity, please CONTACT US . Our experienced crew can help with most all matters regarding the unexplained.

Remember--our researchers are more than willing to customize to your needs.