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L.E.M.U.R. Links

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Here are some other sites you may enjoy:

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Haunted Asheville & Biltmore Village Ghost Tours!

How to Hunt Ghosts

Angela Moore
Renown psychic/intuitive in Western NC

Rhine Research Center

Paranormal News

Loren Coleman
The Cryptozoologist
Official site of author William R. Forstchen
Your guide to paranormal talk radio.

Marcela Landres
Extremely talented editor of HOW TO HUNT GHOSTS

Georgia Ghost Society

Mysteries Magazine

The Shadowlands

Coast to Coast AM
A fantastic radio show hosted by George Noory

FATE Magazine

The Museum of “unnatural history.” Fascinating!

Fortean Times

Haunted Asheville

Free, Live Loch Ness Cam

Surfing the Apocalypse

The Grove Park Inn

Free ESP Test!

Zerotime Paranormal

Cycle Chaos

X-Project Paranormal

Simon & Schuster

Dagulf’s Ghost

Haunted Diary


Winter Steel

Biltmore Village Inn

Ghost Hunters Society of South Bend, Inc.
(GHSSB, Inc.) South Bend, Indiana

West Virginia Ghosts

North Carolina Bigfoot Investigation

Seekers of the Unknown

M4 Independent Online Radio

Mad Scientist's Page!
This page includes information on invisibility, time travel, free energy, and more!

Ghost Trackers

The Society for Paranormal Investigation
Dallas Unit

The Paranormal World

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