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Paranormal Photos
A Variety of Anomalous Images

Just click on each one to find an authentic photograph and description. Please allow each a few moments to load on your computer. NOTE: We cannot necessarily vouch for the authenticity of photos sent to us.

Page 1: A ghostly mist in the Grove Park Inn, and two full-bodied apparitions from Europe

Page 2: Mysterious orb-like images

Page 3: A mist captured at our annual Paranormal Conference

Page 4: Three outstanding ghostly mists

Page 5: A mist and orb at Helen’s Bridge, apparent site of suicide

Page 6: A bright orb and a mysterious aura around a headstone

Page 7: A mist that was seen with the naked eye

Page 8: A full-bodied apparition lying on a bed

Page 9: A large orb around Master Tom Cameron's head,
and a similar manifestation captured near the head of L.E.M.U.R. Investigator Casey Fox.

Page 10: One mist captured by Zack Beck, another from Gettysburg taken by Dr. William R. Forstchen.

Page 11: Some images from the Official Haunted Asheville Ghost Tour.

Page 12: The first pics of the lunar surface from the L.E.M.U.R. Observatory.

More photos will be added as they are processed!

You can view paranormal video clips by clicking HERE.

Do you have paranormal photo or video to be examined? Click HERE.

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