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Ruling Out the Conventional

Orbs are mysterious circles or “balls of light” which appear on photos or footage. In a still photo, an orb often looks like a layered circle. When we say "layered," we mean circles within circles, culminating in a central nucleus--sort of like an onion cut in half.

Though orbs can be captured using film or digital cameras, they are captured even more frequently when utilizing digital technology. This may be because most all digital cameras are somewhat sensitive to the infrared realm, and these anomalies seem to occur most prominently in the infrared.

On L.E.M.U.R. video footage, these orbs appear fully three-dimensional: spheres which can whisk through the frame or dance about in front of the camera.

What exactly are they? We can't say for sure. Orb-like images can be artificially created by reflections, dust particles, moisture, or insects. However, we have captured orb activity which defies any conventional explanation. Orbs on video are much easier to analyze than those in stills, due to their motion and varying brightness.

Though we don't know exactly what an orb is, we DO know they are most easily documented in locations where ghostly activity is prevalent. Are orbs spirits? Or perhaps spirits as interpreted by the photographic technology?

Some theorize that a ghost’s electrostatic field attracts tiny particles in the air, concentrating them into a small, moving clump of debris, captured as orbs. You might think of them as a ghost’s “flying dust print.” Whatever the case, there is clearly a connection between their appearance and the paranormal. L.E.M.U.R. is currently examining the nature of that connection.

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