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Ghost Investigation

On Thursday, August 8, 2002, the L.E.M.U.R. Team investigated the Cool World night club off Biltmore Avenue in Asheville, NC. It was definitely a unique investigation, since we were able to document the energy environment before it opened, while it was filled with customers, and after closing.

Cool World is located inside a large building that was once used as a warehouse. The structure is over 100 years old. Though no one has researched the specific history of the building, ghostly activity has taken place inside for at least the past decade.

In the early 1990s, two employees were shocked by what they observed on a security monitor. They watched a ghostly, white figure enter the club after closing (around 3:30 or 4am). The phantom glided toward the main floor, then turned, heading for the bar where it vanished. In addition, an eerie female voice has been heard calling employee names, and physical objects, like pieces of paper, have flung through the air from an unseen force. Bizarre noises can be heard coming from the upper levels of the building, particularly some of the dancing cages, even though no one is around.

During our investigation, we documented fleeting surges of electromagnetism that would spike sharply and suddenly, defying conventional explanation. They could especially be found in the seating area in front of the bar, as well as on some parts of the dance floor. The dance cages sometimes produce infrared radiation though no one is present. Paranormal orbs frequently appear in digital photos, but none can be seen in video footage. This indicates that they travel at extremely high speeds inside the club, perhaps propelled by the high-energy fields from the lights and speakers. Oddly enough, orb manifestations commonly appeared in clusters of three, perhaps indicating three separate entities. Also, paranormal activity was greatly enhanced by the presence of customers. It seems the resident spirits are socialites who become most prominent when others expend energy.

We plan to go back to Cool World when the environment is cold and dry and fields should be optimum. We�ll update this page with new findings.

Cool World is usually open Thursday through Saturday, 10pm-3am. You may call them at (828) 252-5225. They are located across the street from Kinko�s, behind the buildings at 2 Huntsman Place, off Biltmore Avenue where Gold�s Gym and O�Sullivan�s used to be.

For a large pic showing an orb on a dancing cage, click HERE.

photos by Forrest Connor