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with Mike McCurry

On Tuesday, August 13, 2002, the L.E.M.U.R. Team was given a special presentation by Mike McCurry, an expert on cryptozoology (study of hidden animals) of the Southeastern United States. McCurry traveled to Asheville all the way from High Point, NC for the evening.

McCurry�s presentation focused on Bigfoot and similar crypto creatures. His display included 3-D models inspired by the sasquatch, as well as two casts of footprints. The largest cast came from Bluff Creek, California, site of the famous Patterson Bigfoot film. It was nearly 17 inches long and 7 inches wide, indicating a creature around 8 feet tall and 800-1000 pounds. The other cast was taken from Honey Island, Louisiana, where a �swamp monster� is said to roam. Though the Honey Island cast indicated a smaller creature (about the size of a large man), it had long, sharp claws and webbed toes, an apparent adaptation to its aquatic environment.

McCurry also played what may be unnerving audio recordings of sasquatches, and brought hundreds of rare and classic books, magazines, videos, and DVDs on cryptozoology: a small fraction of his massive personal library.

We are working with Mike McCurry to plan cryptozoological expeditions in the near future. A good deal of the evening was spent discussing the logistics of handling a large-scale investigation of this type. When we conduct our expedition, results will be posted on this site first!

You may email Mike McCurry at: