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Strange Kirlian Photos

The Phantom Leaf Phenomenon

A Kirlian photo of a complete leaf.

After all but the stem is torn away, and the leaf is Kirlian photographed again, the destroyed portion still appears.

KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY is a special form of imaging that some believe may be able to photograph the energy field of a person or object. Kirlian photographs are made by passing a brief electrical current through the subject while the subject is in direct contact with a photographic plate. The prints show a fiery aura of light around the specimen; a coronal discharge.

Some believe these energy fields are usually too subtle to be photographed. However, the additional electrical current enhances the field, making it photographically visible (in addition to the corona produced by the artificial current).

If one photographs a leaf, the developed print shows an aura of light around it. However, if a portion of the leaf is torn away, and the entire leaf is photographed again, the destroyed portion will sometimes still appear! This is known as the phantom leaf phenomenon, and it�s a controversial issue. It may prove that an energy body exists even after the physical body is destroyed, hence the existence of some ghosts. This might explain why most people can still feel a limb after an amputation. Those who deny the phenomenon say it�s the product of incompetent photographers.

Over the past year, the L.E.M.U.R. team has been experimenting with Kirlian photography. At times, the results have been astounding!


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