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A New Effect?

When positioned side-by-side, this new effect becomes clear.

Here, the leaf is positioned directly on top of its first Kirlian photo.

On May 14, 2002, L.E.M.U.R. researchers Joshua P. Warren and Robert McGhee attempted to document the phantom leaf phenomenon. They were unsuccessful. However, they captured an equally intriguing phenomenon.

A small leaf had been removed from a house plant less than 15 minutes prior to the experiment. Warren operated the camera while McGhee managed the specimen.

McGhee looked at the specimen and approximated how it should be torn for the second exposure. The lights were turned out and, in complete darkness, the entire leaf was exposed (1 pulse, less than a second) to the Kirlian plate. Quickly, and still in complete darkness, the leaf was removed from the plate and torn by McGhee as Warren prepared the second film. McGhee placed the torn specimen on the plate and it was exposed (again, one pulse) for the second and last time.

Upon development, the second photo, with the specimen torn, yielded no phantom image. However, in the first photo, the leaf was complete except for one portion that, oddly enough, did not develop. Warren and McGhee were surprised to find the missing portion of the leaf�s image corresponded exactly to the portion that would be torn away.

Both photos were taken in one dark session, and developed at the same time. The entire leaf was pressed flat against the plate, and there is no explanation for why the portion of the leaf was missing in the first photo. It was almost as if the leaf�s structure had responded to the impending amputation before it had even occurred. Could plants be conscious? Better yet . . . psychic?

The L.E.M.U.R. team continues to conduct Kirlian research, and will post new discoveries as they occur.

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