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This resort's most famous guest hasn't checked out for nearly a century . . .

According to legend, in the late 1910s or early 1920s, a woman fell to her death from the 5th floor of the Palm Court in Asheville, North Carolina's Grove Park Inn. She was wearing a long, flowing, pink gown. No one knows if her death was a suicide, murder, or accident. Even her name remains a mystery. However, shortly thereafter, hotel guests and employees began encountering the apparition of a "pink lady." A benevolent spirit, she especially seems to like children. In fact, she's also fond of childish pranks, like manipulating room lights and door locks. Some have heard her voice--others have felt her electrical presence pass through them. The hotel kept the Pink Lady incidents a secret for decades, until 1995. That year they hired Joshua P. Warren, Founder and President of L.E.M.U.R., to finally officially investigate.

Warren spent months researching records, conducting interviews, and creeping through each crevice and corridor of the enormous property. Assisted by Mark-Ellis Bennett, Tim VanDenBerghe, and Tim Pedersen, he stayed in numerous rooms, but one room--room 545--stood separate from the rest. That room was plagued with tumultuous energies, and some resort staff even refused to enter it.

His exhaustive investigation concluded that the woman in pink had stayed in room 545 the night she died--and she fell to her death right outside its door. Though the ghost is seen throughout the property, travelers come from across the world specifically to stay in room 545. From maids and security officers to doctors and chiefs of police, the Grove Park Inn's spirit has graced hundreds with her presence. The encounters are as common today as ever.

For a complete account of the Pink Lady story and Joshua P. Warren's investigation, read HAUNTED ASHEVILLE.

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* Could THIS be a photograph of the Pink Lady?