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Inducing a Psychic State

The human brain produces a great deal of electricity�perhaps as much as 10 watts. A relatively small number of brains wired together could power a light bulb!

The electricity that comes from your wall outlet oscillates, pulsates, or switches 60 times per second. That means the current flows at 60 hertz (Hz). Your brain current also switches at various Hz. By measuring these differing hertz, we can divide normal brain activity into four basic states: Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta.

When the brain produces 15-40 Hz, it�s in the most active state, Beta. One engaged in conversation, reacting quickly and efficiently, is in this state.

If one takes a break, perhaps using the restroom, and is reflecting alone, the current lowers to the Alpha state, 9-14 Hz.

One in meditation or deep, focused thought (such as working on a math problem) is usually in the Theta state, 5-8 Hz.

At 1.5-4 Hz, the lowest frequency, Delta, is usually only reached during sleep.

Monks, seers, and those who enter �psychic states,� like remote viewers and precognitives, are usually in a Theta state. However, it can be difficult for some to switch into this state at will. However, there is one simple method that can be used to make the brain automatically enter this state. It�s generally known as the Ganzfeld technique.

Take a translucent ping-pong ball, cut it into two perfect halves, and place each half over each eye, careful of any jagged edges. If the ball has writing on one half, you�ll have to use the clean half of two balls, since you want a uniform surface, free of writing or defects. If you stare straight ahead, the mini-domes take up the entire range of vision, including peripheries. This leaves no edges or contrasts on which the eyes can focus. Once the brain determines there is nothing to distract the eyes, it automatically shifts into a Theta state within a few minutes. Since the light still stimulates the optic nerve, it seems better than simply using complete darkness.

Try this while lying on your back in a quiet, peaceful environment, pointed toward a bright light. The effect can be enhanced by using light-blue balls, or staring at a light-blue light through white balls. If you use the color red, a variety of strange hallucinations can be triggered. You may experience better results when wearing ear muffs.

This technique can be used for stress reduction, or to aid in psychic states of mind. Give it a try�you�ll be surprised!

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