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In November of 2001, L.E.M.U.R. conducted a 3-night camping expedition on Brown Mountain, eerie site of the unexplained Brown Mountain Lights. On the first night, researchers Joshua P. Warren, Brian Irish, and Casey Fox observed the ridge from approx. 1000 feet away. At around 9pm, they noticed a bright, white light rising above Brown Mountain. Warren and Irish both rolled video as the object, over the course of a minute, steadily ascended straight up into the sky vertically, finally disappearing into space. It made no noise and had no blinking or colored lights like traditional aircraft. Upon review of the footage, they found the light oscillated at a rapid pace.

The clip above was taken from Brian Irish�s footage. As the object moves behind tree limbs, you can observe its rate of ascension.

The typical Brown Mountain Lights are seen on the ridge, flitting throughout the trees. What was this?

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