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Why does more ghostly activity take place at night?

Why does a compass always point north? The earth is surrounded by a magnetic field, known as the �magnetosphere.� In a natural, undisturbed state, the lines of magnetism are calm and straight. The lines of force from the north pole are parallel to the lines of force from the south pole. However, the field is usually disturbed . . .

The sun is the largest nuclear reaction in our solar system. It is constantly blasting the earth with enormous amounts of radiation, known as a �solar wind.�

The magnetosphere shields the planet from most of the dangerous radiation of the sun�s solar wind. Due to the powerful force of the solar wind, the magnetosphere is compressed on the side of the earth facing the sun. As you can see in the illustration, the magnetosphere facing the sun is small and compact compared to the magnetosphere on the night time side. That side is expanded to its natural shape, and the lines of force are undisturbed. Midnight is when the field is largest and most undisturbed.

At night, radio stations can be picked up for hundreds of miles farther than in the daytime. This is because at night, when the magnetosphere expands, the ionosphere (a layer of our atmosphere containing electrical charges) rises. The ionosphere reflects radio waves, and when it rises it reflects them farther than in the daytime. This is true for most electromagnetic energy: at night, it has more impact, and can travel farther, than in the daytime. And, of course, everything is a form of electromagnetic energy.

Everyone knows more unexplained activity seems to take place at night. Whether it�s seeing a ghost, UFO, or having a psychic experience, night time is the peak time. That is because energies affiliated with these types of phenomena seem to be electromagnetic in nature. Therefore they are enhanced at night, as well.

For centuries, practitioners of magic have believed midnight is a powerful time to cast a spell. If spells are dependent upon electromagnetic transmissions, then that would explain why midnight, when the fields are most calm, would be the optimum time.

Of course, there is only one occasion on which the earth�s entire field is undisturbed. It happens for 7 minutes every 18 years. It�s a solar eclipse. Mystics have long considered an eclipse to be a magical time. Is this because a solar eclipse is the ultimate time for strange, electromagnetic phenomena to occur? It�s definitely considered the ultimate time to cast a spell!