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This may be one of the most important video clips ever captured.

In 2001, the L.E.M.U.R. team investigated an extremely haunted home in South Carolina. The residents were not only seeing apparitions, but also witnessing physical objects being moved about in a poltergeist-like fashion.

At one point, in the evening, our Tri-Field Natural EM Meter was set up on a chair in an active room. L.E.M.U.R. Vice President and Imaging Specialist, Brian Irish, monitored the room through his night vision video camera. Team President, Joshua P. Warren, was also observing the room.

The meter was set to detect electromagnetism. Suddenly, the device let forth a squeal indicating a maximum reading. Simultaneously, the meter appeared to be knocked forward, and then up on its side. Amazingly, Irish captured the incident beautifully.

This gif does not include sound, however you can clearly see the meter fall forward then up on its side. Keep in mind, it is a bulky device weighing nearly a pound.

This footage is important for two reasons. Firstly, of all the things that could have been moved, it was a meter that showed us, at least in part, what kind of energy was affecting it. Secondly, because it goes forward and then up on its side: two perpendicular lines of force. We have tried repeatedly to push the device one time, in one direction, and recreate the event. However, we have never succeeded.

Can ghosts manipulate the physical environment? This piece of footage seems to provide the chilling answer.

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