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Micah Hanks

The study of cryptids has always been my greatest fascination, ever since grade school when I was first introduced to the subject by my father. He presented me with several books he'd had for years, written by the likes of Peter Byrne, Ivan T. Sanderson, and Ray Fowler. After that, I haunted every library I could get into in search of new books about these amazing new characters I'd discovered...of course, the best part of it all was that, deep inside me somewhere, I knew they could be real.

Now I'm all grown up, but I've never quit searching. If anything, I search harder now than ever before. I don't know what it is exactly that attracts me to these legends of phantoms and creatures of the night, but until my introduction to L.E.M.U.R. in August of 2002, I didn't think there would ever be people within reach who shared this same kind of thirst that I've had now for so long. In each of them I see the same undefinable fascination in regards to these mysteries of our lonely planet; and even as much a part of myself as this feeling has always been, I could never begin to try and describe it.

Should I ever come face to face with a Sasquatch, I'd like to think I'll sense that feeling in it also, and that it might have a curiosity similar to mine as it stands looking at me.

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