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Rhine Exhibit Remote Viewing Survey
The correct answer was unveiled May 10, 2003

On May 10, 2003, L.E.M.U.R. unveiled the results of a remote viewing experiment at the Rhine Research Center Exhibit in Durham, NC. Joshua P. Warren, L.E.M.U.R.’s President, placed one of the Rhine’s famous ESP cards in a hidden envelope. We then asked people from across the world to envision what card was selected, then document their perception electronically through this site. The correct card was the STAR. Here, you can see how the results turned out:

1555 people participated in this experiment.

190 people chose the square: 12.22%
678 people chose the wavy lines: 43.6%
195 people chose the circle: 12.54%
325 people chose the star: 20.9%
167 people chose the cross: 10.74%

The correct card: THE STAR

Those who selected the STAR will be contacted by L.E.M.U.R. for further testing at the appropriate time. We are intentionally allowing some time to pass so we can compare the results over a period of time for long-term reliability. If you chose the star, and your selection was properly registered, you WILL be contacted.

However, in addition to our intended test, we were compelled by the number of people who chose the wavy lines. In fact, before the answer was unveiled at the Rhine, we asked the 18 people physically present in the room to guess, and the selection ratios worked out almost exactly the same! Why did so many people choose wavy lines? We explored the question, and then something occurred to us:

Once the polling system was in place, Joshua P. Warren personally tested it to make sure all was in working order. For his test, the first vote on the system, he chose the wavy lines, even though he knew the correct answer (star), of course. Warren never told anyone about either of these choices until after the end of the experiment's first round on May 10.

Warren discussed the experiment on Coast to Coast AM the night before the May 10 unveiling. When Warren was on the air with George Noory, Noory commented on receiving a telepathic flash from Warren regarding the correct sign. And it appears that Noory chose the wavy lines. Perhaps by choosing wavy lines to test the system, that image figured most prominently in Warren’s mind. Since the audience was focused on the two of them, maybe that could account for some overwhelming telepathic connection with the listeners. It appears the Coast to Coast AM audience, the primary participants in this survey, may have a good number of remote viewers, but even more telepaths!

At this point, the entire experiment is as preliminary as can be. However, L.E.M.U.R. is excited that our poll had unexpected results, and that a quest for one type of ESP has also inadvertently opened the door for research of another kind of ESP.

Given these results, we would be fascinated to further investigate a possible telepathic connection between radio show hosts and their listeners. Perhaps the electromagnetic broadcast of a show enhances the broadcast of subtle mental energies, as well.

We'll continue to post updates on our progress with prospective remote viewers, and in the meantime, please post on our Discussion Board if you have any thoughts on intentionally exploring the possible telepathic link between radio hosts and their audience, as well. You may also want to send your ideas to George Noory through the Coast To Coast AM website by clicking HERE.

To see the original proposal for this experiment, click HERE.