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Are You Telekinetic?

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We know the body is surrounded by a field of energy. Is this field alone sometimes capable of manipulating physical objects? Controlling the physical environment without physical contact (literal "mind over matter") is called telekinesis or psychokinesis. Are you telekinetic? You can do a simple experiment to test your ability.

Cut a perfect paper square that�s 4-6 inches on each side. Remember, it has to be same length on every side. Once it�s cut, fold it in half diagonally. Unfold it, then fold it diagonally between the other two corners. Unfold it. That leaves you with a square that now has a pyramid shape.

Take a pin or needle and stick it into a piece of gum or putty so that it stands upright, sharp tip at top. Next, balance the inner apex of your paper pyramid on the sharp tip. Remember to be careful. Sharp tips are dangerous, so don�t be a moron.

Once the paper is delicately balanced, place your hands a few inches away from the pinwheel and imagine it turning in one direction or another. For a while, nothing may happen. Be patient. Eventually, it might begin to move. You might find that you can�t control it at first. It may respond when you tighten up, or when you relax. Obviously, make sure there are no air currents around. Air currents don�t generally make it spin, though. Instead, they cause it to rock in a distinct way. Nonetheless, you may want to place it beneath a jar, even though it�s more difficult to move.

If you practice every day, you might get to the point where you can simply look at it and cause it to move. As with anything, practice makes perfect. Once you master this simple device, you can move on to more significant challenges.

Good luck!