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What is a GHOST?

This question has plagued mankind for thousands of years. Ghostly activity is described in ancient works like the Holy Bible:

�Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up.�
The Book of Job 4:15

And, each day, countless numbers of people still claim to experience �ghostly activity.� In the most general sense, such activity might include unexplained sounds, objects moving without explanation, apparitions of people who vanish, physical forces that imitate the sensation of touch or simply make your hair stand on end and give you goosebumps.

Webster�s defines �ghost� as a �disembodied human spirit.� But what about animals?

There�s no doubt that �ghostly activity,� like that described above, occurs every day. Whether or not such manifestations are the product of spirits of dead human beings is another matter. Certainly, �ghostly activity� is not always the product of spirits. Sometimes, it seems to be the product of something completely unrelated to humans. Nonetheless, one possibility is that, indeed, spirits of the dead can still roam our world.

So, you must first understand that a �ghost,� what we might call some paranormal aspect of the physical body and/or mental presence that appears to exist apart from the original, physical form, is not necessarily related to �ghostly activity.�

We live in a huge and mysterious world. In fact, more phenomena remain an enigma than phenomena we understand. Humans like to categorize things in black and white. However, reality is not always so cut and dry.

Bizarre activity, which we might never understand, takes place every day. Some of it may be related to the spirits of the dead, while other parts may be the result of equally strange influences. Therefore, you must be careful not to assume that ANY strange thing that happens to you is the product of a ghost.

Now that that�s out of the way, what might a ghost be?

The human body is made up of energy, and energy can be neither created nor destroyed�simply conserved. When we die, does some aspect of us still survive? Does that aspect retain our consciousness?

In life, our bodies produce electromagnetic fluctuations with each beat of our hearts. In haunted places, we find such electromagnetic fluctuations although no one is physically present! In fact, these fields are often much stronger than those produced by you or me. Are we detecting the energy of presences we can�t always see?

Our team studies ghostly activity from the perspective of studying these anomalous energies. We believe that �unseen� activity surrounds us every day. Only rarely does it manifest in some form you and I can experience. The rest of the time it�s equally present, but not directly accessible. When we use equipment that allows us to see, hear, or feel into realms beyond the usual range of human senses, we find surprising results! Examples might be infrared or ultraviolet photography, ultra or sub sonic audio recording, etc.

To learn more about �ghostly energies� and how we detect them, please visit L.E.M.U.R.�s The Science of Ghost Hunting.

Ultimately, no one can tell you for certain what a ghost is. However, based upon experience, we can tell you a few things about how to deal with them. Lots of people wonder if a ghost can harm them.

In life, people come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. It�s apparently no different in the ghostly realm. Some people describe their ghosts as good, evil, mischievous, quirky, or anything in between. Basically, in life people come in shades of gray. It�s apparently the same in an �afterlife.� There�s no general rule regarding how a spirit will behave. Right now, you and I might basically be a �ghost with a body.� A �good� person will produce a �good ghost� and a �bad� person will produce a �bad ghost.�

Phantoms have been known to manipulate physical objects�throwing paintings off walls, turning over furniture, etc. Of course, if a ghost makes a pan fly off the wall and hit you in the head, it�s gonna hurt! So, YES, a ghost could harm you in this way. On the other hand, this kind of activity is rare.

Most of the time, a negative ghost is most dangerous in the sense that it can easily influence one�s psychological state. For example, someone might move into a haunted house to find him or herself becoming extremely depressed or alcoholic. Such damage can be much worse than a physical blow. It�s just like hanging out with a living person. Eventually, one might succumb to subconscious habits. If you hang out with a criminal, sooner or later you might find yourself thinking like a criminal.

In this sense, a ghost can be a negative or pleasant thing.

There�s also no guarantee that a place can be rid of ghosts. However, there are several methods which can be employed.

All in all, no one can tell you exactly what a ghost is. They can only give you an opinion. But the bizarre activity people experience is frequently genuine. L.E.M.U.R. understands this and is open-minded about taking a look at any activity that defies the ordinary.

If you�re interested in ghosts, you will enjoy the SCIENCE OF GHOST HUNTING, Click HERE!