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Basic Methods of Investigating and "Busting" Ghosts

by Joshua P. Warren Based upon his book, HOW TO HUNT GHOSTS

Think you have a ghost? You're certainly not alone. L.E.M.U.R. is contacted by hundreds of people each week who believe a ghost is playing an active role in their lives. But what is a ghost? Different people mean different things when using the term. L.E.M.U.R. defines a ghost as "some paranormal aspect of the physical form and/or mental presence that appears to exist apart from the original, physical form." That means a ghost could simply be a hallucination, or it might be objectively real. Of course, L.E.M.U.R. focuses on using the scientific method to document ghostly activity that manifests in the objective, external environment. Note that the definition does not imply that ghosts are necessarily spirits of the dead. In some cases, they might be. But, in other cases, they certainly are not. For example, The Brown Mountain Lights have been called "ghosts" for hundreds of years. However, they are probably plasmas created by electrical discharges on the mountain. Some report ghosts as being interactive, aware, and unpredictable: what you might call an entity. Others report them as being redundant, non-interactive, and non-conscious: almost like an imprint on the environment, presumably created by an intense event, but recorded by a natural mechanism we don't understand. These imprints seem to replay from time to time like a recording on a videotape.

If you think you have a ghost, try to document it objectively. L.E.M.U.R. has found electromagnetic and electrostatic anomalies that frequently accompany ghostly activity. Perhaps ghosts are around us often, but can only manifest in a form we can perceive if the environmental conditions are right. For example, when the humidity is low, more intense physical activity is reported. This is also when static electricity is most active. Electrostatic energy can make hair stand on end, give one cold chills, move physical objects, create three-dimensional light forms, and altogether produce many of the elements observed when spectral activity occurs. It might be that ghosts sometime use electromagnetic and electrostatic energy in order to manifest. Think of the invisible man: he can't be seen unless he wraps himself with bandages. Maybe phantoms have to "wrap themselves" with "bandages" of electrostatic energy in order to interact with the physical environment.

If you think you may have an invisible ghost, try to photograph it. Cameras can reveal things the naked eyes cannot see. For example, when a fan is on, the blades move so fast you can't see them with the naked eyes. But when you photograph them using the proper shutter speed, they appear. Some of these ghostly manifestations may usually move, or oscillate, at a rate too fast for our brains to perceive. Also, most digital cameras are somewhat sensitive to the infrared realm. If you have a digital camera, look at the infrared emitter of a common TV remote control though your camera. When you hit a button on the remote, the infrared light that comes out is invisible to your naked eyes, but you should be able to see it through the digital camera. If you want to photograph a ghost, walk around the location with a compass. Compasses are sensitive to magnetism, and if the needle deviates from north, spins, or does something else odd, you have probably encountered an anomalous magnetic field. At that point, photograph the area. If you get a good photo of a ghost, it might give you more information about the presence (such as the sex, age, emotional state, etc.). For tips on analyzing your prospective ghost photos, please click HERE.

It might also help you to see a ghost if you observe a haunted area via strobe light. A strobe light can duplicate the effect of your camera shutter, allowing your eyes to see things that are otherwise invisible, and enhancing your chance of observing a specter.

When doing ghost research, any tool that can document energy anomalies can help lead you in the right direction. A thermometer might indicate a sudden drop, or rise, in temperature. Or a fresh audio recorder, left to record in an undisturbed room, could yield unexplainable voices. You can learn more about ghostly audio recording, or EVP, by clicking HERE. The most useful device for detecting energy anomalies is an EMF meter. They are available at

Most people find ghostly activity curious and fascinating. However, some want to get rid of ghosts. There is no reliable way to stop ghostly activity. However, some basic methods work in some cases. The easiest way to "bust" a ghost is simply telling it to leave. This often works. In fact, an exorcism is just an elaborate way of doing the same thing. The power of your mind is the most important thing, and if your faith reinforces your will power, you can use religious symbols to help focus your intent. Having other members of your religion there for support, telling the activity to cease, can be effective. Of course, if you don't have a faith, just rely on your will power alone, or from whatever you draw mental strength. On the non-physical plane, your mind can be a weapon. You use a non-physical resource to combat a primarily non-physical adversary.

There are also some physical things you can do. If ghosts are dependent upon the electromagnetic/electrostatic environment in order to physically manifest, you can alter this environment. Try re-organizing your electronic equipment. Or sprinkle salt, or some other crystalline substance around. Crystals alter the subtle electrical environment (that's why you can produce electricity by squeezing a quartz crystal) and might change it enough to prevent the manifestations. Often, one of the most effective methods is running a humidifier. This prevents the build-up of electrostatic charges since they leak away into the moisture before becoming too strong. Catholics will sometime spray holy water in an area to stop activity, and this may be effective since it incorporates a belief system and affects the humidity.

For some reason, L.E.M.U.R. has frequently found two mirrors facing each other at places where ghostly activity is concentrated. We know mirrors reflect some electromagnetic energy (i.e. light), so perhaps they somehow enhance the energies associated with ghosts. Whatever the case, simply moving the mirrors out of alignment has remedied some cases.

If you get the sense a ghost is trying to tell you something, you might bring the activity to an end by understanding the message. If a murder victim is somehow trying to point out a detail about the murder, the phenomena can stop once the communication has been successful. If, every night at 3am you suddenly awaken to find an object on the floor, think about what it could mean. What might the object symbolize? What might the time symbolize? You may have to be a detective to "solve the case" and bring the episode to a close.

Of course, if you're seeing ghosts because you have some psychic ability, and you're perceiving glimpses of the past or another realm, then changes in the physical environment will most likely not help. That's when we're back to the subject of your own mental energy/control. And, once again, it's possible that you will not be able to stop the activity. Some people claim that ghosts follow them for years. But, if you can't get rid of the activity, you may as well document it as thoroughly as possible to present to research teams like L.E.M.U.R. Maybe, by studying this activity, researchers can eventually figure out a reliable way to stop the activity once and for all! You must never forget that this subject is mysterious. We really understand very little about how it functions. And, of course, the mainstream scientific community does not believe it exists at all.

This information is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these matters. The subject of ghostly activity is vast and complex. For detailed information, read HOW TO HUNT GHOSTS. It can be obtained through Also, the L.E.M.U.R. Discussion Board is available, for free, at all times. If you post your questions and comments there, you'll usually receive a wide variety of input from people who may have useful ideas. For opportunities to receive training regarding this type of investigation, and other events personally hosted by L.E.M.U.R., please sign up for our free e-mail newsletter. It's quick and easy: just visit the homepage and you'll find a subscription box.

Good luck!