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Long Beach, California

Researcher Forrest Connor

On Tuesday, September 3, L.E.M.U.R. investigated the notorious Queen Mary located in Long Beach, California. For years, paranormal experts have studied the vessel’s chilling activity. Passengers and crew members alike have reported numerous eerie sightings. Our brief investigation proved to be an intriguing experience.

The Queen Mary was a luxury liner during the 1930s. During World War II the ship was commissioned into service for the armed services and returned to carrying civilians after the war. The vessel found its final home in Long Beach Harbor in the late 1960s, after transcontinental air travel became the preferred way to travel abroad.

The Queen Mary carried troops to Europe during World War II. It was painted a camouflage gray and transformed into a troopship nicknamed "The Grey Ghost.” The ship proved herself as an important member of the allied forces and Adolf Hitler offered a $250,000 reward and the Iron Cross to any submarine captain who could sink her. While performing a routine zigzag pattern, she sliced the British cruiser H.M.S. Curacao in half. Over 300 British soldiers went down with the Curacao. Forty years later, a television crew left their audio recorder running overnight in the exact location where the two ships collided. As the tape played back the next day, incredible sounds of pounding could be heard. Others have claimed to hear voices and blood-curdling noises from the same area.

Our first stop on the Queen Mary was, of course, the "Ghosts and Legends" tour. The tour included the first class swimming pool, where some paranormal researchers think there may be an anomalous energy vortex. The pool was drained in the late 1960s, but, to this day, there is always a mysterious puddle of water at its bottom. Another part of the tour led under the bow of the ship and into the area that was damaged in the collision with the Curacao.

After the "Ghosts and Legends" tour, we ended up on the B deck of the hotel section of the ship. There was strong electromagnetic energy around this area. In fact, one of the tour guides had seen the familiar apparition of a "White Lady" in this section. Researcher Forrest Connor took a memorable picture of the area: it shows the tour guide next to a large orb.

The L.E.M.U.R. Team is planning to do a more detailed investigation in the future. For more information on the Queen Mary and its activity, visit .