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Before you contact us . . .

We receive a large quantity of phone calls, letters, and e-mails from serious individuals who are interested in enlisting our research services. However, we are also contacted by a lot of people who basically waste our time. In order to make sure you fully understand how we operate, please read this before contacting us:


1. We agree to enter your property and behave in a courteous, respectful, and lawful way. In doing so, you must agree to indemnify us against any claims or liability.

2. We understand, and are sensitive to, those who wish to keep their identities, and the identities of their properties, anonymous. In such cases, we will indeed take all reasonable measures to do so. Nonetheless, any and all photographs, videos, audio recordings, or other documents we make, during the research, shall remain property of the L.E.M.U.R. Team. In order for us to benefit from the time and resources we put into our research, we need to retain such materials for scientific review.

3. Before we research a location, we require the location owner(s) or authorized representative(s) to sign a form agreeing to our complete terms of research.

That said and done, here’s how to contact us!

We are always glad to hear from others interested in the paranormal. If you have any comments or questions, or you would like to report unexplained phenomena, please e-mail us at: OR

For consultation by phone, click HERE.

Are you a STUDENT doing a RESEARCH project or paper? Then please click HERE.

Have a paranormal PHOTO? Click HERE

NOTE: We receive a large amount of email and cannot guarantee a response to each one we get; however we WILL read each one. As a general rule, we can't open picture attachments due to virus risks. However, if you can post your pic(s) online, we'll be honored to take a look.

Also, please take advantage of our Discussion Board by clicking HERE.

In addition, you may contact us at:

Shadowbox Enterprises, LLC
P.O. Box 16801
Asheville, NC 28816
(828) 253-7736