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What is a ghost? Cick HERE.

How does one get rid of a ghost? Cick HERE.

A haunted ship! Click HERE.

Double photographic confirmation of a ghost? Click HERE!.

Proof of ghostly phenomena? For the Phantom Leaf Phenomenon, click HERE.

Is this the ghost of Henry VIII, captured on a security camera in London? Click HERE.

For a practical demonstration of how EVP (ghostly audio recording) may work, click HERE.

GhostRadar is a ghost meter from Japan that uses a mysterious system to measure anomalies. For Joshua P. Warren's review of the product click HERE.

Do batteries run down faster at haunted places? For an experiment, click HERE.

Charleston, South Carolina, Old City Jail Investigation: We learned more about magnetism and hauntings. For our report click HERE.

East Tennessee Investigations; Appalachian Caverns in Blountville and State Theater in Kingsport: We learned more about cold spots and 100.11 hz, the frequency that allowed us to see apparitions with special goggles! For our report click HERE.

Can orbs reveal electrostatic fields? Yes! For an example click HERE.

Do you have a paranormal photo or video to be examined? Click HERE.