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L.E.M.U.R. uses Audio Enhancers that allow us to monitor and record sounds too low, or too high, for the unaided human ear to hear. Not only do we record sounds, but we also utilize digital audio technology to slow down, speed up, or pass a recording through a number of filters for enhancement and analysis.

Audio recordings made in haunted locations frequently capture eerie voices, and other various sounds, inaudible when the recording was made. This is generally called Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP. In most cases, ghosts produce audio that cannot be perceived by our unaided ears.

Some locations, like hotels, are often too noisy for reliable audio recordings. But when the setting is quiet, a great deal of information can be recorded in the audio environment.

Remember, ultimately, sounds are only vibrations. Could some "vibrations" from the past still be bouncing around out there?

For a detailed exploration of EVP, click HERE.

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