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a variety of electrostatic generators

L.E.M.U.R. is one of the field's leading researchers of paranormal activity's dependency on the electrostatic environment. What does that mean? . . .

If ghosts are non-physical, then how do they interact with the physical world? Perhaps they do it by constructing a temporary "physical" body.

Magnets are surrounded by lines of force we can't see or feel. However, if we place a magnet behind a sheet covered in iron filings, you can see a physical representation of that field. Perhaps ghosts control their environment the same way--creating a physical representation of their "non physical" bodies. But, instead of using iron filings, they use electrostatic charges in the environment.

Static electricity is the same kind you experience when you drag your socks across the carpet in winter and touch a door knob to receive a shock. People who see ghosts report their hair standing on end, cold chills and cold spots, objects moving, and 3-D light forms. These are all things that can be duplicated using elctrostatic charges. Plus, most ghost encounters take place in cold, dry months (Septemeber-February in North America), when static electrical conditions are optimal.

If indeed spirit materializations are dependent upon the presence of static electrical ions, we might be able to enhance ghostly activity by using machines which generate such electrical charges. Therefore, we sometimes employ Wimshurst, VanDeGraaff, and Tesla devices to both study and enhance ghostly activity.

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