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There is no such thing as a "ghost meter." To develop such a device would require a complete understanding of a ghost's unique physical makeup. Instead, researchers use all means of studying a ghost's influence on the environment.

For example, it's kind of like looking for a person on a beach. We're not looking for the actual individual, instead we're searching for his footprints in the sand. We must study the presence of abnormal energies indirectly until we know how to specify and detect their particular fields.

L.E.M.U.R. uses any and all tools necessary to give us as much information about any environment as possible. Our knowledge and experience in all sciences gives us a well-rounded capability to apply all disciplines in our search for truth. Whether studying ghosts, psychic activity, UFO phenomena, or Fortean or cryptozoological matters, we can adapt to the techniques and instruments necessary to study it effectively and efficiently.

Our tool box is always growing.

1. Meters
2. Audio Enhancers
3. Night Vision Devices
4. Advanced Photography
5. Electrostatic Generators
6. Temperature Gauges
7. More